Arts Award

Information about Arts Award, a nationally recoginised qualification, that aims to help young people explore their creative skills, develop as artists and art leaders.


STEP are now running the Arts Award for young people who have been identified at point of referral as in need short term intervension of 6 months within this programme. Many of the young people refered to our project are living in areas of extreme deprevation and have limited access to social development opportunities due to a lack of contributing factors such as funds, motivation, and transport contributing to the young persons social isolation and low self worth. This placement provides a duel focus; meeting their individual identified unmet needs while developing their creartive skills.


The Arts Award supports young people's creative development in five key ways:



Flexible, valuable, and awarded at Bronze level, Young people will end up with a portfolio that shows off their creativity and gives a recognised national qualification.

Young people will need to: