Peer Mentors 

All STEP Peer Mentors are young people who have previously attended STEP and have worked through their own issues successfully. The Peer Mentors take their responsibility very seriously and work hard during sessions to ensure that groups are a safe and happy place for every young person that attends.

Prior to supporting others in groups, Peer Mentors complete a training programme. STEP staff have received 'train the trainer' training from the NSPCC/Childline to be able to fully train new young people on what the role involves. The Peer Mentors are supported by Hayley Jackson - Project Worker, who is responsible for recruitment, training and monitoring, ensuring that each Peer Mentor is given guidance, supervision and support throughout their time within the role.

Due to regular input by all staff at STEP, young people are fully aware of what bullying is and what they should do if they have a problem. Young people can speak to a Peer Mentor at any time during the group, and also submit comments in the 'Tell Us' box available in the group if they prefer this over talking to a worker. A Peer Mentor can then report back to the worker and the issue dealt with as appropriate - individually, as a group or within the Anti-Bullying Interest Group.